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Publications about "For honest procurement" website

The new project of the Russian United People's Front generated a wide coverage in media: Some of the leading Russian print publications, radio stations, TV channels and major information Internet-portals covered the website launch.

A modern website fighting for the honest government procurement

"For honest procurement" is an on-line project designed to combat corruption, squandering, and inefficient use of budgetary funds. The portal contains a number of tools that allow anyone to find suspicious tenders and contribute to their cancellation.

We are confident that the website will serve as an effective tool to counter legislation violations, and we are proud to work toward such an initiative.

Page prototypes

Because of tight deadlines, most of the project execution took place at the Customer's side. This allowed us to create the design of all the future portal pages in a very short time and with minimum number of edits.

Home page design

The home page reflects all the main website modules: search for suspicious procurement, knowledge base, ratings of customers, users and partner organizations, project news and much more.

Suspicious procurement page
Suspicious procurement list

Considering the fact, that the website was established to combat corruption in the area of government purchasing, we paid particular attention to developing pages allowing working with suspicious procurement items.

"Suspicious procurement" pages
Suspicious Government
procurement — Suspicious benefit
to the country!
"Suspicious procurement" pages

Initially, all the government purchases, the information on which is available online, are listed in the suspicious procurement registry. Next, the project users and experts validate the information in the inquiry, and, if necessary, add the tender to the list of suspicious procurement, after which they are passed to the project lawyers.

Suspicious procurement list
Send a complaint
Procurement page
People that were involved in the project
  • Project Head
  • Sergei Anisimov
  • Art Director
  • Evgeniy Belyaev
  • Designer
  • Dmitry Smirnov

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