Website for a manufacturer
of electric heating equipment

Website for a manufacturer of electric heating equipment

SoftTherm produces innovative “Step” panels, which are safe and efficient room heaters that have received deserved recognition among customers.
The company was launched in 2000 and in the following 16 years has grown from a small manufacturing business to a professional supplier of heating systems. Today, the brand has more than 200 dealers operating throughout Russia and the CIS.


Brain storming and design

Analysis of the website
and Its efficiency

We began our work on the project by analyzing the previous version of the site, the web statistics, and outlining the beneficial effects that the system should produce. We have summarized all of our ideas in a single document, which we’ve used as a foundation for the creation of prototypes of individual sections.

SoftTherm - prototype
SoftTherm - brainstorm 3 SoftTherm - brainstorm 2 SoftTherm - brainstorm 1

The color scheme

The corporate color of the customer is orange. We picked a pastel shade of it and added blue as an accent color.


Design of the home page

The home page design follows the classical persuasion scenario. First, a brief intro to show the user the type of site it is. Then, it states the problem and offers the company's products as a solution. After that, the visitor is introduced to the types of panels and their benefits, social proof of the quality (testimonials), and examples of usage of the panels. At the end, there is information about the company and the visualization of its supplies on a map, which is an indirect proof of the high quality of the panels.

Design Versions 1.0 2.0 3.0

Layout of inner sections

To maximize the efficiency of the inner sections of the website, we developed all the small details of their visual design and content. The selling effect is enhanced by the use of proven techniques like videos, factoids, icons and a high-quality layout.


The Unified template for landing page

To introduce the company's products in their best light and cut down on the budget of the project, we developed a unified template for all landing pages.

Promo video
showing the advantages of the equipment

SoftTherm - video

Photo gallery with the equipment in real life settings
SoftTherm - thumbnail 1 SoftTherm - thumbnail 2 SoftTherm - thumbnail 3 SoftTherm - thumbnail 4
"Step" panel
of the panels

SoftTherm - пункт 4 SoftTherm - текст пункта 4

of equipment
SoftTherm - category 1 SoftTherm - category 2 SoftTherm - category 3
More reviews
good and varied!
SoftTherm - review 1 SoftTherm - review 2 SoftTherm - review 3
Delivery options
(very clear explanations)

SoftTherm - delivary 1 SoftTherm - delivary 2 SoftTherm - delivary 3


Afterword and customer review

An open and trusting relationship with the customer, discussion and implementation of ideas, constructive criticism and suggestions from the client — it is thanks to all this that we have only positive memories about the project. We’d like to thank SoftTherm and its director Nicholay Zhibrik for the positive experience and wish them continued success and achievements in the future.

People that were involved in the project
  • Project Manager
  • Sergey Anisimov
  • Art Director
  • Evgeny Belyaev
  • Designer
  • Ilya Golovanov
  • Software Engineer
  • Alexander Petryakov
  • Ivan Pogosov
  • HTML Layout Designer
  • Andrey Bedernikov
  • Content Manager
  • Dmitrij Solovjev

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