Website of the Russian Legal Academy
of the Ministry of Justice
of the Russian Federation

Website for the Russian Legal Academy of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation

The Russian Legal Academy is the main educational and scientific institution of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. As of today, it is one of the largest law schools in Russia and has the highest scientific and pedagogical potential: more than half of the teaching staff has academic degrees and titles, while a quarter of them are doctors of science. Each year, the Academy trains more than 20,000 students (bachelors, masters, as well as scientific and pedagogical staff).

Designing the future portal

The Academy's website is a large portal with many interrelated sections and separate pages, so first of all we had to thoroughly systematize all the information available and create the structure of the future website. Following the approval of the structure, we identified priority sections and began prototyping.

Design of the homepage

We have chosen the green color palette, as green is the identity color of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. It was extremely difficult to create the website design concept: we managed to achieve the desired result only at the cost of sleepless nights. As a result, the customer approved the design of the homepage unconditionally, because we had made all the possible improvements ourselves.

Internal sections of the website

We created the project and design of webpages for all major departments of the Academy, as well as programmed a number of large-scale non-standard modules for purposes such as online payments, styles for holiday periods and an improved admin panel.

Specialized functionality of the website

The Academy's website must comply with national standards in relation to the websites of educational institutions. Therefore, we developed an English version of the website as well as a version for visually impaired people. We also introduced a mechanism to ensure the page-level consistency between the three versions of the portal.

English verion of the portal

In addition, we developed a module that enables quick and easy deployment of other language versions; German, French and Chinese versions will be added soon.

Creating the Academy website - english verion
Website verion for the visually impaired
Creating the Academy website - visually impaired verion
Afterword and customer's testimonials

This was a large-scale and extremely important project and we have tried to provide the best possible outcome. We are especially pleased that the Academy's management sent us a letter of appreciation, which we will happily put on our wall of fame next to our other testimonials.

People that were involved in the project
  • Project Manager
  • Sergey Anisimov
  • Art Director
  • Evgeny Belyaev
  • UX and Visual Designer
  • Ilya Golovanov
  • Software Engineer
  • Aleksandr Petryakov
  • Ivan Pogosov
  • HTML Layout Designer
  • Andrey Bedernikov
  • Content Manager
  • Dmitry Soloviev

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