"I Can Drive" Driving School Website


Website for student drivers

"I Can Drive" is a comprehensive training center that can fully prepare student drivers. Our students receive all the necessary knowledge and practice for driving in a big city by taking our short training program. The Center has several facilities in the city of Moscow, and is actively expanding its network.

Designing the website

As we developed a high level of trust with the customer, we quickly and successfully designed and prototyped the webpages with the minimum number of edits. We involved all our resources to develop the project structure, come up with the search optimization strategy, new modules development, and plan for further expansion of the project.

Home page

We placed on the home page all the information which can be useful for the student driver: the list and cost of services, information about the driving school, feedback, and links to useful sections. Such an approach allows to immediately interest the site visitor, and encourage further viewing and, ultimately, registering for a training course.

Useful sections

In addition to information about the driving school, trainers and vehicles on which the students may take the driving test, there is a lot of useful information for future drivers on the website. For example, there are Driving Rules 2012, the description of examination routes selected by the Government Automobile Inspection (GAI), articles for drivers, and much more.

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People that were involved in the project
  • Project Head
  • Sergei Anisimov
  • Art Director
  • Evgeniy Belyaev
  • Designer
  • Dmitry Smirnov
  • Software engineer
  • Alexander Petryakov
  • HTML layout designer
  • Yana Litvinova
  • Copywriter
  • Dmitry Soloviev

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