Adaptive website templates for the Department of Advanced Computer Technologies


Representatives of the new management of the Department of Engineering Cybernetics are making changes that cover all aspects of the academic process. Innovative education programs are being implemented, equipment is being updated, and experienced professors are involved in academic activities. At the same time, there was a decision to rebrand and we were involved in designing the new website and logo for it.. Our studio was founded by graduates of the National Research and Technology University, Moscow Institute for Steel and Alloys, which is why taking on the project for our Alma Mater has a special meaning for us.

Home page

The website of a department of a national university must meet the following objectives: attracting prospective students, telling them about the professors and the history of the department, and assisting students in their daily life at university. That's why we decided to make the home page as interesting as possible by publishing information necessary for each target group of visitors.

Adaptive class schedule

The key feature of the developed design is its adaptibility. It makes our website compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops and even web-enabled TV sets, and its layout will change, while still being very convenient for users of devices of various formats and types.

The adaptive class schedule, thanks to which students will always be able to find the right lecture hall, is especially worth noting.

For future students

Prospective students will find great deal of useful information, including records of famous graduates and details of the university's professors. There is a separate section dedicated to the nearly fifty-year history of the department and the department's outstanding traditions of high-quality fundamental education going back many decades.

Career without problems — employment guaranteed!
People that were involved in the project
  • Project Manager
  • Sergey Anisimov
  • Artistic Director
  • Eugene Belyaev
  • Mobile Designer
  • Dmitry Smirnov

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