Website for lift equipment
rentals and sales

The new website will help increase sales

HANDFORD RENTAL has been working on the Russian market for a long time and is a reliable, time-proven supplier of handling equipment from global manufacturers like Genie, Haulotte, JLG, NiftyLift, Manitou and Snorkel.
The company's catalog has a large selection of lift equipment models from Europe, the United States and China to help you meet any challenges during construction, finishing and restoration work.

Designing prototypes of the future website

We carefully examined the online offices of all high-profile participating companies at the design and prototyping stages for key pages of the future website. We did this in order to use all the best practices of our customer's competitors in the design along with original in-house ideas.


The homepage is the landing page that shows all website sections and the company's overall advantages. The smart navigation system will take experienced users right to the equipment selection, while first-time visitors to the site will find links to the most interesting inside sections.

Design of the page with the lift equipment catalog

When creating a design, we focus on sections that have a direct influence on a potential customer's purchase. It's not an easy task. Each element has to carry a payload and maximize return. There's no other way to create a marketing site.

Convenient filter for experienced customers

Lift equipment mini-card

Engine type icons

Useful articles for search promotion

Inside sections

As in our other projects, we created a design for all of the future website's unique inside pages. There were fifteen mockups altogether.

People that were involved in the project
  • Project Manager
  • Sergei Anisimov
  • Art Director
  • Evgeniy Belyaev
  • Designer
  • Dmitry Smirnov
  • Software Engineer
  • Alexander Petryakov
  • HTML Layout Designer
  • Anna Ivanova
  • Content Manager
  • Dmitry Soloviev
  • Yaroslav Tsokalo

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