Our projects

We have collected a large portfolio of orders throughout the years of activity in various areas. Of all the projects that we have completed we have selected the best ones for you to examine.

Website of the Russian Legal Academy.

The website was created for one of the leading law universities in Russia.

Website for Model and Artist, Anastasiya Schipanova

We developed a bright, modern website with a description of the key milestones in the creative biography of model and artist, Anastasia Schipanova.

Templates for Domino's Pizza corporate website

We created a design that can be proudly presented to potential investors and partners

Domino's Pizza website

We created a convenient store for the world's leading pizza restaurant and delivery chain on short notice.

"For honest procurement" website templates

We developed the web site design in a very short time. It was created under the umbrella of the Russian United People's Front.

Mobile application Edimvgorode.ru for Android

Mobile application for those who like to eat out without overpaying!

This is the website for those who want to learn to drive a car

In addition to information about the driving school, the site offers a lot of useful information for future drivers.

Web resource for Advanced Analytix company

The website is dedicated to Quiterian, the most powerful intellectual data analysis system , which runs on the basis of database, statistics and artificial intelligence technologies, and is unrivaled on the global marketplace.

Website of the International Center for Dental Implants and Dentistry

The website must instill a feeling of goodwill towards the clinic and its doctors. Only in this case will the visitor entrust their health to the doctors and make an appointment.

Website for a computer repair company

Comfortable and functional, and most importantly - advertising websites for ExtraComp computer help center.