Performance guarantees

Each customer wants his project done well and by the deadline. However, it's quite often easier said than done.

Work performed by design studios are no exception in this context either. In some cases certain companies knowingly undertake unachievable commitments, which they cannot manage afterwards. Some contractors might only dabble in the trade. Others may simply lead the customer astray by using their deeper applied knowledge and profit therefrom.

How do you avoid these pitfalls and get the most out of the project?

You could approach a large design studio with a large portfolio and market reputation. Certainly, things might work not out in the best way here as well. Life is life, you never can tell, but you'll have more confidence of success. The substantial, and in some cases crucial, disadvantage of such an approach is that you would have to pay a very substantial price in order to get the project done.

Another way is to approach a smaller studio, but demand guarantees from the contractors. These guarantees must stipulate certain liabilities in case the studio fails to meet the contractual conditions.

What can our studio offer in this regard?

Option 1

We are ready to provide all legal guarantees necessary in order to ensure that the project is performed in the required manner and within pre-agreed terms. If desired, all your requests and conditions will be included in the agreement concluded between ourselves, which will ensure your confidence in the success of the project.

Option 2

We design an optimal project execution process so that the your interests as the Customer and our interests as the Contractor are protected to the maximum extent. How does this look when put into practice? Let's consider the process of creating a website as an example.

The website creation process can be broken down into several phases

In case you need technological guarantees of performance, we can work on a non-prepayment basis, whereby the project will be paid in installments following the completion of each phase. For instance:

Phase I:
Identification of the customer's needs and the design

Payment: 30%

What's done: drawing, approval and transfer of all unique website pages to the customer

Phase II:
Programming and page layout

Payment: 30%

What's done: website already hosted and is correctly displayed in all browsers

Phase III:
Content loading and optimization

What's done: content loading and final commissioning

Payment: 40%

It should be specifically noted that under this cooperation option the customer may change the contractor at any stage. For instance, the website can be designed (2nd phase) based on existing designs (1st phase) by staff working at another design studio. This fact keeps us informed throughout the entire project and commits us to satisfying all the customer's needs to the fullest extent.

This is how the parties can insure themselves against any undesirable situations without the need for any legal red tape. You will be able to see project progress and accept the results of each phase, whereas we will be able to mitigate the risk of non-payment.

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