Timeliness, quality, affordability

Our studio develops and promotes advertising websites, creates mobile applications for iOS and Android, as well as hosts and maintains websites. We also create recognizable corporate identities and develop PR campaigns.


Our websites meet the challenges set by the customer, and they generate profits

Website promotion

Your website will achieve top positions in search queries rankings

Corporate identity

Improves sales and the level of customer confidence in your company

Media campaigns on the web

You will become known to the maximum number of people - your future clients and partners

Offline advertising

Tell the world about your company by using bright images and rich colors

Mobile applications

Open a new sales channel or business area with us

Why do clients chose us?

We thoroughly study the goals and objectives of our customers and are accountable for the results. We help solve real problems and increase gains. We can overcome virtually any difficulties on our own without distracting our customers on trifles. You will not regret it if you contact us. You have my word..

Генеральый директор MainBit

You can rely on us!

Employees at our studio are graduates of the British Higher School of Design and departments of applied mathematics. We use internet marketing tools to help our customers increase profits and we do it effectively.

Sergey Anisimov,
managing director.

Quality comparable to the best studios

Reasonable prices and transparent budgets

One-stop shopping


We have carried out a wide variety of projects for internationally renowned companies and federal universities


The cost of our services has been quite affordable even for small businesses for many years


If you have only one contractor, it allows you to save on budgets, eliminate many problems and obtain a result empowered by synergies

Our portfolio is our name

You can judge the quality of our work from the fact that we act as subcontractors for one of the largest design studios in Russia (by the way, they resell our work at prices that are 3-4 times more expensive!) We have included our most successful work in our portfolio. We are sure that you will see their true value.

History of our Team

We had a very unexciting beginning. The core of our team was formed as far back as our university days, when the three founders of the company used to live in the same dorm room and attend the same classes within the Department of Engineering Cybernetics and Control Systems Automation.

A lot of time has passed since then. We have attended dozens of workshops and training courses. We have gathered together a team of skilled professionals: designers, layout designers, copywriters and illustrators. We are successfully developing our own commercial projects, which include 2 online shops and an industry-specific web portal. We have become subcontractors of one of the largest design studios in Russia, and we can professionally carry out projects of any degree of complexity.


professionals in our team

repeat customers that already work with us

successful projects

new ideas for the growth of Your business

All our customers are our friends
Our customers
Feedback on our work

Everyone enjoys praise, and it is particularly pleasing to receive appreciation for well performed work. We have heard only positive feedback from our customers over our years in business, and we will do our best to ensure this does not change.

Chief Marketing Officer

La Maree

Olga Shirokova

Executive Director of


M. V. Korotkov

Head of

Children's Center "Sovenok"

V. A. Klimkov